Sunday, 10 December 2023
Rawadari Hightlights in 2023

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On 10th December 2022, Rawadari officially commenced its work as an independent human rights organization with the tagline “For an Equal and Peaceful Afghanistan”, aiming to monitor the human rights situation in Afghanistan and preserve and expand the culture of human rights. Despite various challenges including the complex security situation in Afghanistan, shrinking civic space and restrictions on access to information, we have been able to consistently and continuously document human rights violations and share our findings with the people of Afghanistan, the international community, human rights organizations and media. Additionally, over the past year, Rawadari has conducted advocacy with the United Nations, the International Criminal Court and other international human rights and accountability mechanisms for justice and for ending the culture of impunity in Afghanistan. We have actively engaged in consultation, coordination, and close collaboration with Afghan human rights activists, artists, researchers, academics, protestors, and other civic groups to promote a culture of peace and equality. You can see Rawadari’s public reports and read more about our work here:




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