For an Equal and Peaceful Afghanistan

Photo by Elaha Sahel

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We believe everyone should be able to exercise their free will, without harming the life, liberty, or livelihoods of other individuals and communities.

We are a group of experts in universal human rights principles and values and we uphold this expertise in all our work, ensuring that our work is protected from our personal biases. We are aware of differences in Afghanistan, including different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.  We accept, value, and respect our differences and believe diversity is a value and a strength. We believe everyone should have equitable access to all resources, opportunities, and assets regardless of their ability, sex, gender, ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation. 

For an equal and peaceful Afghanistan, let us begin by accepting each other’s rights and freedoms and treating each other with tolerance and respect. On the occasion of International Human Rights Day and the National Day for Victims of War, join us in the “My Right, Your Right campaign”. Post your short video regarding one or several rights on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram with the Hashtag #MyRightYourRight




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